Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE)

Fall 2017 CUREs

CUREs challenge students to develop research skills while contributing to the research of UC Davis scientists & scholars. 

What is a CURE? 

Course-based undergraduate research experiences (CURE) invite whole classes of undergraduates to address a research question or problem that is of real interest to the instructor teaching the course or the broader disciplinary research community. These special seminars provide students a special opportunity to make relevant discoveries, engage in iterative work, receive impactful mentorship, and share research results with stakeholders.

What makes a CURE special?

5 elements of a CURE:

  • Learn a Variety of Research Skills — You will be introduced to and trained on multiple new research techniques and methods, challenging you in ways that will make you feel like a true scientist or scholar.
  • Uncover the Unknown  Unlike with the format of laboratory courses you may have taken previously, the results of your investigations are unknown to both you and your instructor. You, your peers, and your instructor will truly be learning and exploring together.
  • "Real" Research — CUREs are designed such that the outcome of your investigations and the quality of your work are not only of interest to you (and your grade!). Your work will contribute to advancing research progress for outside stakeholders and members of the broader scientific community.
  • Communication & Collaboration — Research requires diverse perspectives and skill-sets as well as ongoing and frequent communication between investigators. This course will help you develop the skills necessary to communicate your process, progress, and outcomes of your investigation, making you a valuable contributor to the research process.
  • Learn, Apply, REPEAT — CUREs embrace the need for adaptation and repetition necessary to generate reliable and accurate information. Within a single CURE or across CURE course offerings you'll be asked to implement, adapt, and repeat processes.

I've taken a CURE... Now what?