Teach a CURE

FYS-CURE (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience) courses provide students with an introductory research opportunity where they can hone their research skills, receive valuable mentoring, and contribute to the research of UC Davis scientists and scholars.  

CUREs defined

CUREs (Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences)  engage an entire class of students in addressing a research question or problem that is of interest to the scientific community. Nationally, CUREs have been implemented at a wide variety of institutions and with students at all stages of their undergraduate careers. 

Effective CUREs integrate the following five elements: 

  1. RESEARCH TECHNIQUES & EQUIPMENT: A guided introduction to investigation methods within the discipline.

  2. DISCOVERY: Outcome of investigation is unknown to both the students & instructor. 

  3. BROADLY RELEVANT WORK: Research product or outcome is of relevance beyond just the classroom setting.

  4. COLLABORATION: Emphasis on the importance of collaboration & communication in research.

  5. ITERATION: Research is inherently iterative; new knowledge creation builds on existing knowledge. Iteration can happen on various levels. 

See Auchincloss et al. 2014 for an excellent description of what a CURE is and isn’t. 

What is a FYS-CURE? 

"First-Year Seminars - Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (FYS - CURE)"

CUREs within FYS are small -- 19 students max -- research focused 1 or 2 unit courses that contain all five CURE elements listed above. As with all FYS courses, priority enrollment is granted to students in their first year at UC Davis, both frosh and transfer, and courses have no prerequisites for enrollment. 

FYS-CURE courses have access to the FYS-CURE Teaching Lab in Storer Hall and instructors are provided with curricular development and assessment support by FYS Academic Program Coordinator, Carla Fresquez. In addition, FYS staff will connect their CURE student participants to resources, including the Undergraduate Research Center, and more to provide continued support as students pursue future undergraduate research experiences. 

I'm ready to propose a CURE. What should I do next?

  • Consider contacting FYS Academic Program Coordinator Carla Fresquez for a curricular planning meeting
  • Review the FYS Proposal Application PreviewGuide to FYS-CUREs (documents linked below)
  • Start your proposal