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The First-Year Seminar program is hosting a new series of Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs)

CUREs recruit a class of students to address an issue that is of real interest to the scientific or academic community. CUREs provide a scalable mechanism to increase the reach of traditional, faculty-mentored undergraduate research.


Current Seminars

Students: Get involved in a real research project right when you arrive on campus.


Instructors: Crowd-source a piece of your research by bringing it into the classroom where data generation and analysis can benefit from the work of many hands and minds.


After taking a CURE through FYS, students report significant gains in their belief that they can do science and their sense of belonging within the scientific community. CUREs aim to expose new students to the process of research, what it means to think like a scientist, and illuminate how data is generated.

Genetic Circuits: mutant variations’ regulation of protein expression * Making a Mutant: optimizing mutagenesis protocol for undergraduate users * Birds, Bugs and Bioacoustics: Using Sounds to Evaluate Composition of Biological Communities * Investigate Problems with Problem-Solving in Science Education * Investigating the Regulation of the CoQ Super Complex * Investigating a Schizophrenia-linked Gene and its Role in Neural Development * Investigating antibiotic resistance in koala poop.


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