Go to the Mondavi Center with Your Seminar

Mayumana at the Mondavi Center

The Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts has made $5 student tickets available for several performances through their Curriculum Connections program. 

Musical PerformanceFirst-Year Seminars can be a powerful opportunity for students to have a new encounter with the performing arts.  There are all kinds of ways seminars can connect with Mondavi performances and speakers, from engineering to creativity to music to pop culture. Attendance at performances counts toward classroom hours, so attendance at 2 performances would cover 3-4 hours of class time. Tours of the Mondavi Center, and classroom visits from Mondavi staff may also be arranged.


Fall 2018 Performances


Winter 2019 Performances


Spring 2019 Performances


Mondavi Center PerformanceAdditional shows in the Vanderhoef Studio Theatre may be available. All performances are offered pending availability, requests will be filled in order received.

If interested in including a performance in your First Year Seminar, start by contacting Ruth Rosenberg, Mondavi Center Director Arts Education and Artist Engagement Coordinator, rrosenberg@ucdavis.edu. She will let you know if the performance(s) you are interested in is still available. Next, contact Janet Chambers jachambers@ucdavis.edu for more information.


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