First Year Seminar Mini-Grant

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The Office of Undergraduate Education now offers FYS mini-grants

The Office of Undergraduate Education makes First-Year Seminars Mini-grant funds available to cover direct expenses, up to a maximum of $500, for each seminar offering. Please note the guidelines listed below for those expenses that can and cannot be covered. If you incur expenses that do not meet the guidelines they will not be reimbursed.

How to get Reimbursed

  1. In your seminar proposal in our online system, please include each item that you will be purchasing, how much you think each item will cost and a total amount that you are requesting.
  2. The requested amount will be transferred to your department at the same time that your Academic Enrichment Funds are transferred.
  3. It is not necessary to forward copies of any receipts or invoices to UE.

Appropriate Expenses

  1. Photocopying directly related to the seminar, up to a maximum of $100.
  2. Field trip expenses, e.g. Central Garage charges for rented vehicles, cost of admission to a theater or museum.
  3. Audio-visual expenses such as purchase of slides, transparencies and DVDs.
  4. Honorarium (this includes both honoraria and travel expenses) for an outside guest lecturer. The guest lecturer cannot be a university employee.
  5. Reference material for the instructor, including books, not to exceed $100.
  6. Light refreshments, not to exceed $100 per quarter.

Expenses that will not be Reimbursed

  1. Entertainment expenses such as dinners and Campus Catering.
  2. Secretarial or other salary support.
  3. Routine costs normally borne by the department such as telephone costs, office supplies, mail, ink cartridges, computer software and other normal office costs.
  4. Books or other materials required by the students.
  5. Computers, MP3 players, iPads or any other equipment.