Carla Fresquez, Ph.D.

Carla Fresquez UC Davis First-Year Seminars CUREs Academic Program Coordinator

Position Title
Academic Program Coordinator

First-Year Seminars

The Grove (Surge III), Rm 1350
550 Hutchison Drive, Davis CA 95616

Dr. Carla Fresquez is the FYS Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience (FYS-CURE) Academic Program Coordinator where her goal is to provide as many first year and transfer students as possible with the thrill of a deep dive into the rich research culture and opportunities that UC Davis has to offer. She is the first in her very large extended Chicanx family to receive a doctorate; a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from UC Santa Cruz. Her dissertation research focused on understanding the biotic and abiotic factors impacting the distribution of an ecotonal plant community found at the margins of salt marsh wetland communities of the central coast. However, after witnessing the transformational power of providing curious student minds with research experiences she shifted her research and career focus towards developing ways to support students and faculty mentors as they engage in collaborative experiential learning opportunities. She now focuses on identifying pathways, curricula, and programming to provide quality research opportunities for students across all majors and from all backgrounds.