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PROPOSAL PROCESS: Proposals must be created by the faculty instructor of record. Please review the following documents before clicking Start Proposal.

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Every year, Undergraduate Education offers 200 seminars taught by creative instructors who are asking questions that are dear to their hearts about the world. Students value the opportunity to take a small class and get to know their instructors and other students.  

Seminars are taught throughout the academic year, and may be one or two units, graded or pass/np. An academic enrichment fund allocation of $2,500 for a one-unit or $3,000 for a two-unit course is offered for University-related business expenses in support of academic or professional endeavors.  (These funds cannot be used as additional faculty compensation.)

Review the current First-Year Seminar Schedule to see what others are doing as part of this unique and exciting program.

If you have an idea for a seminar that you would like feedback on prior to submitting a proposal, please email a brief description of the topic(s) and the questions you would like to discuss to Janet Chambers, jachambers@ucdavis.edu. You will be paired with an educational specialist with related experience who can help you identify and describe course learning objectives, design alternative assessment approaches, and explore new strategies for stimulating student learning.

Eligibility: Only instructors appointed by academic departments or programs can teach a seminar. Graduate students are eligible as co-instructors. See the Faculty Toolkit below for more information.

AA2017-02 Addendum to AA2015-06 Advisory to Deans Academic Enrichment Accounts for Recalls for First Year Seminar Program

Many common questions are answered in the First-Year Seminar Faculty Toolkit (PDF). If you have further questions, please contact Janet Chambers jachambers@ucdavis.edu